The International Young Catholic Students (IYCS), also known as the International Young Christian Students, is a Specialised Catholic Action Movement that was inspired by Joseph Cardijn (the founder of the Young Christian Workers). YCS is a student Movement for, among, and led by secondary and tertiary students, (while also present in some places at the primary level), accompanied by adult animators and chaplains, that is concerned with the issues facing students and seek to raise awareness and action among students on broader issues of social justice, in solidarity with the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized through her famous methodology of “review of life” otherwise known as SEE, JUDGE, and ACT.


The YCS exists to provide students with the space and forum to share and exchange experiences amongst themselves and other sister organizations. The main objectives are:

  • To develop a committed, creative student leadership and encourage them to be analytical while sharing experiences and making social analysis
  • To promote cultural and literacy activities that intend to develop social growth
  • Support all educative and transforming student initiatives that are geared towards achieving the values of solidarity, justice and hope

Currently, the movement comprises of 34 countries spread across the continent of Africa. Though predominantly Catholic, the Movement has registered some non-Catholics from mainstream Christian churches. All members are from three levels of learning institutions: Secondary school, high school, and tertiary institutions of learning which include the Universities, Teachers colleges/polytechnics and seminaries.

Our regional focus for 2016 – 2019 includes;  Peace building and Conflict transformation; “Protecting our common home”; Democracy and Good Governance; Sustaining Africa’s integration; HIV/AIDS and Health, IYCS Spirituality and the active practice of SEE-JUDGE-ACT methodology.