This is a training course on leadership and development designed for Young Catholic and Christian Students by the International Young Catholic Students Pan-African Office also known as the International Young Christian Students Pan – African Office. The reason behind the course was due to the growing threat of decline in leadership among the youth population. Thus the Pan African office saw it imperative to have such a course which will assist in the growth and strengthen the leadership of YCS and other youth Organisations

Objectives of the Training

The objective of the leadership training course is:

  • Expose youth to real work environment
  • Provide opportunities to learning
  • Design projects and how to manage them

The course covered the subsequent topics;

  • YCS History and Spirituality
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Project Planning Management
  • Project Financing
  • Psychosocial Conflict Analysis

Class of 2015

The first batch of trainees for the year 2015 consisted of six participants drawn from Cameroon,Congo, Kenya and Uganda. Four of the six participants were from IYCS Movements in Africa, namely Pierre Koko Luganywa (YCS DR Congo), Caroline Mwelu (IYCS Pan-African Secretariat, Kenya), Collette Kawira (Kenya YCS) and Innocent Odongo (YCS Uganda) respectively. While the other two were participants from other youth organisations who are in partnership with YCS. They are namely Ethen Kingue Stephane (Cameroon), Nelly Omwando (Organisation of African Youth, Kenya)

Life of Trainees

During their stay inBuruburu Estate, Nairobithe local travelling costs, meals and accommodation were taken care of by the IYCS Pan African Office. Participants stayed in the same residence to that of the Pan African Coordinators.Accordingly they got to experience the life of the coordinators beyond the office life. The advantage of such living arrangements is it allows them to interact as national movement leaders with the Pan-African coordinators thus appreciating each other’s experiences as they share and become part of each other’s lives.

For the period of one month and two weeks (8thJune – 18th July 2015) the trainees spent in Kenya they had class works (theoretical) and practical tasks, which included attending meetings with partners and donors, assisting in the administrative work of the office, conducting researches, proposal writing and presentations and report writing. All these activities helped the Pan African office to see whether or not trainees had grasped the theoretical part of the training it had given to them.


These are some of the testimonials of the trainees after having completed the course:

Nelly – “I was lucky to take part in the training of young representatives from African Countries on “Youth Leadership and Development” conducted by IYCS Pan African Office based in Nairobi, Kenya.In the course of it I gained understanding of Spirituality, Organizational Leadership, Project Planning Management,non-violent way of conflict-solving.  This has managed to play a role of incentive for my further steps in youth Developmental Issues. Additionally, as a policy youth advocate I am constantly looking for opportunities to develop my own knowledge and understanding of Youth Leadership and Conflict transformation through various e-platforms and trainings”.

Going back home I am longing to share the knowledge and skills gained from this life-changing opportunity with my fellow colleagues. It has been an amazing experience for me; meeting a cohort of diverse young people from Congo, Cameroon, Kenya and Uganda all geared to see positive change for Africa and most of all getting mentorship from our dedicated facilitators Michael Adikwu and Desiree Kamto. I rapidly felt an integral part of this friendly and cohesive team. I would like to sincerely thank IYCS for this opportunity; it has been a great moment of learning and sharpening my skills.I have learnt that helping young people develop leadership competencies makes them better able to solve community problems and enhances their civic participation.The training has given me valuable workplace skills and on the job experience that I can take with me right through my career journey in the Global HealthYoung people are untapped resources, they are promoters and leaders of now and the future, if they are engaged in such beneficial initiatives to build their capacities then there is a promised future. I would thoroughly recommend this training.

IYCS Leadership and Development Course
IYCS Leadership and Development Course

Pierre – ‘ Being a Leader (Christian or not), I believe that it is a call to responsibility throughout life; It is supposed to evolve with society but not as a society by having Christ for model because He is a true good Shepherd’.

After this internship report, we are pleased if not delighted to learn new concepts on organizational leadership and other lessons of daily life. And would like to as young missionaries, to become agents of development to change and improve the image of Africa in general and in particular that of our respective countries.Of course, development is a process that requires the participation of all, which implies teamwork but it is up to the leader to remain attentive to the problems of the association or the company or group; and if necessary, make a decision for the welfare of the Movement.

  • Ethe Stephen

The training went well on the whole, the coordinators took the trouble to explain to learners the issues of this session. The numberof exercises gave students a glimpse of working under pressure. The concept of leadership is born in students the capacity of decision-making, organization and communication

Beyond the training itself, another important aspect is emphasized: the fact that students are housed together helped make learning an important concept that is life in society. The nationalities housed under the same roof and sometimes speaking different languages have allowed everyone to learn the culture of the other, to see what unites us and what separates us