Background to the leadership and development course:

Many young people lack employable skills. These are skills, attitudes and actions that could enable them create or exploit available job opportunities, get a job, get along with their co-workers and employer and to make sound, critical decisions to help them keep their job. Young people may be academically qualified and yet not useful to any industry due to lack of employable skills. Unfortunately, often times only a few youths who desire to develop these skills find the opportunities to do so.

Trainees at the IYCS Africa Leadership and Development Course
IYCS Africa Leadership and Development Course Cohort 2, 2015

To assist in tackling this problem, IYCS Africa is creating opportunities for young students or school leavers in Kenya and from other African countries to attend a leadership formation and development course or volunteer at the regional office of YCS for a period between one and two months. This will expose them to real work environment and provide them with opportunities to learn, design projects, be motivated, and discover employment and networking avenues within and outside Kenya. The course will involve interactive training sessions at the African Secretariat of IYCS, team building activities, practical exercises and field work with organizations and Kenya YCS National Movement, and designing a SMART project. At the end of the project we would have created a pool of employable leaders readily available to train others and to assist in implementing IYCS Africa Strategic Action plan 2016 – 2019.


Overall objective
To contribute to sustainable development in Africa through forming a pool of highly motivated, creative and employable young leaders capable of exploiting existing job opportunities,or creating jobs.


1. Travels and visa: is the responsibility of each applicant or his/her organization
2. Accommodation and Meals: shall be provided by IYCS Africa
3. Local transport within Kenya: is catered for by IYCS Africa
4. Immigration responsibilities accepted by IYCS Africa for the period of the course



30th  April – 15th June 2018

Brief Course Outline

  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: Youth Organizational Leadership
  • Week 3: Project planning and Management
  • Week 4: Conflict Management
  • Week 5:  SDGs implementation
  • Week 6: Field work

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